Clean House Recycling

Don’t Let Another Month Go by Without Collecting a Profit for Your Empty Parking Spot! 

Use the “Request a Box” form on the right, to request information on how you can receive your collection container. Then, Clean House Recycling will add an attractive collection center to your property, collect the items that it attracts, and maintain the collection center, all while you sit back and enjoy a profit each month! It’s that simple.

The Concept is Simple:

  1. First, we deliver one of our attractive, and well-kept collection centers to a parking spot on your property. We can place one collection container or many! 
  2. Next, our team of professionals collect and maintain the collection centers on a regular basis, ensuring that the site is well-kept and clean at all times and that the containers are in tip-top shape.
  3. Finally, we send you a monthly check in exchange for occupying one of your empty parking spaces!

Not only is the concept simple, but the positive environmental impact is tremendous! This, coupled with our area non-profit partnerships makes us a no-brainer. 

Because our collection centers are desirable places to donate unwanted clothing and shoes, people seek out our containers. This can draw extra foot traffic to your parking lot! 


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