Clean House Recycling

According to a recent study, the EPA estimates that over 3.8 million pounds of textiles are recycled each year. However, that estimate accounts for only about 15 percent of all textiles that are disposed of. The other 85 percent ends up in landfills and other waste. Did you know, that the average American throws out over 70 pounds of clothing a year?! And the sad fact is that over 90 percent of this could be recycled. Clean House Recycling works to remedy this problem by taking what could end up in landfills, and instead, recycling it. The recycled product is turned into clothing that can be sold and worn to people throughout the world, at an affordable price point, and what cannot be re-worn can be turned into other products such as rags. The best part? Clean House Recycling gives a portion of our profits to our growing list of area non-profits, making this a win-win situation for so many people. 

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