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Top Three Benefits of Recycling Our Clothes and Shoes

More people are recycling today than ever, but there’s still lots of opportunity for progress when it comes to our used clothing and shoes. According to a study cited by The Balance Small Business, “only 15 percent of consumer-used clothing is recycled.”

There is so much to gain from recycling our used clothing and shoes, but here are our top three reasons to choose recycling:

  1. It reduces waste sent to landfills.

    Statistics show that on average, Americans throw out over 80 pounds of clothing every year—and that’s per person! Multiply that by the almost 330 million people in the country, and that’s a lot of unnecessary waste ending up in landfills.

    Trashing old clothes and shoes costs us on many levels. It costs money—an estimated $45 per ton—for cities and communities to send old clothing to landfills. But beyond the financial cost, it places an enormous strain on our environment. Clothes can take hundreds of years to break down and decompose. Long after the trends that prompted us to buy the latest pair of sneakers or designer jacket have passed, those items of clothing will be sitting in landfills as part of the growing problem of what to do with so much trash.

    Besides taking up space, landfills are a source of pollution as chemicals from the items left there leaches into soil and water. If the landfill incinerates waste, this produces carbon emissions and air pollution.

    It’s easy to see that the less used clothing and shoes we can send to landfills, the better it will be for our pocketbooks and our environment!

  2. It clears up your own clutter.

    There’s an emphasis today on simplifying our lives and only keeping the items that are useful to us and make us happy. With so much of our modern lives being full of busyness, bringing simplicity to our homes and closets can be an easy and effective way to clear up clutter.

    Recycling what no longer fits us or fits our style is a way to reduce the distraction and noise of having too many things, and to gain the freedom to focus on the things we have that really do bring us happiness.

  3. It helps others in need.

    Across the world, over 70% of people wear used clothing. Recycling our used clothes gives people who might not have the resources to purchase new clothes access to good clothing at an affordable price.

    Something we might have bought just for fun, or only worn once or twice, could be the outfit someone is proud to wear to a job interview, or the sneakers that give a child a chance to play sports comfortably and safely. Recycling our clothing is a quick and easy way to make a difference in people’s lives by simply giving away something we would have otherwise thrown away.

Recycling our used clothing is easy and comes with a host of benefits like saving our environment from overflowing landfills, clearing up our own clutter, and providing resources for those in need. For more information about making a difference through recycling used clothing and shoes, contact Clean House Recycling today!

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