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Is your church looking for a new way to fundraise?

Clean House Recycling recently partnered with St Maria Goretti in Hatfield, PA to help them with their fundraising. Their unit is currently sitting outside their church and will be for the next several weeks working as a fundraiser on autopilot!

Clean House Recycling works closely with churches throughout the tri-state area that are looking for new ways to raise funds for their church and communities. We work with you to determine which of our programs best meets your needs.

Many groups choose to place a clothing drop box at their church or place of worship. We then maintain it and empty it regularly. This means that people that otherwise would be donating at random drop-off points can now help fundraise for your organization by donating at your location.

In addition to drop-boxes we also partner with organizations to do clothing drives, where there is a push for people to make donations on a single day. We then help gather all of the clothing and make sure it gets removed. Your group or organization gets compensated based on the clothing gathered during the event.

We also have a hybrid program where we can do a single day large pickup and also leave a bin at your location for a period of time to make sure that anyone who was unable to attend your one day event still has a chance to donate in order to help your church or community.

If you would like to learn more about our fundraising assistance program, please give us a call. We will gladly work with you to make sure your group can benefit from clothing that is most likely already being donated.

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