Clean House Recycling

Do you know of a local group or organization that is looking to raise funds? If so, we can help! Any organization that has access to a parking spot or place to put a collection bin can be considered, and it’s as simple as giving us a call. First we start by dropping off a collection center to your location. We will leave it there for a specified amount of time. You advertise to your organization and community that it is there and what you are raising the money for. Next, we give you time for you organization and community members to fill it with unwanted shoes and clothing. Lastly, we return to collect the items to sort and recycle what we have collected. After it is sorted, weighed, and recycled, we return a portion of the proceeds directly to your organization! It’s a win-win! The best part? What could otherwise end up being trash in a landfill, ends up being properly disposed of and recycled.